The Tingari were a group of ancestral elders who − while Dreaming − travelled over vast areas of the Western Desert, performing rituals and creating or « opening up » the country. They were usually accompanied by recently-initiated novices to whom they provided instruction in the ritual and law of the region. The adventures of the Tingari groups are enshrined in numerous song-myth cycles which provide explanations for contemporary customs in Western Desert aboriginal life.

Like myself, my images are always in constant movement; my objective permit me to explore the world in all his dimensions, angles and perspectives. Refusing to limit my work, I intent to let my camera flow with the moment and realities I encounter traveling.

I like to capture people, places, nature and landscapes… sometimes focusing on details, other times, focusing on the immensity of the space around me.

I believe that beauty lies in capturing what appears as the insignificant in a new light.

I invite you to travel with me through my images.