Playing with angles and perspectives… changing his point of view in paying attention to the insignificant… eyes opened, trying to look in a new light the world all around.

  • SpacelessParis, Berlin, Bogota…
memorial, berlin
Blocs - Berlin, Germany - October 2012
institut, monde, arabe, paris, france
Moucharabier - Paris, France - December 2010
bird, pyramide, louvres, paris, france
Bird - Paris, France – December 2015
rosace, notre dame, paris, vitrail
Rosace - Paris, France – July 2015
Spatial Berlin, Germany – October 2012
Copola - Bogota - april 2012
building, berlin, germany
Building - Berlin, Germany - October 2012
window, gare de l'est, paris, france, train, station
Eventail - Paris, France – December 2015
Abstract, sculpture, Berlin, Germany, Playing angles, perspectives, new sense, world surrounds, new light
Abstract - Berlin, Germany - October 2012

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